Tanki Online Ranks

Tanki Online Ranks

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Table of Ranks
#NameInsigniaExperience requiredKill value, crystalsBattle rank limit width
4Corporal41 5000.113
5Master Corporal53 7000.1354
6Sergeant67 1000.164
7Staff Sergeant712 3000.1854
8Master Sergeant820 0000.215
9First Sergeant929 0000.2355
Sergeant-Major Rank
41 0000.265
11Warrant Officer 1
Warrant Officer 1 Rank
57 0000.2856
12Warrant Officer 21276 0000.316
13Warrant Officer 31398 0000.3356
14Warrant Officer 414125 0000.366
15Warrant Officer 515156 0000.3857
16Third Lieutenant16192 0000.417
17Second Lieutenant17233 0000.4357
18First Lieutenant18280 0000.468
19Captain19332 0000.4858
20Major20390 0000.518
21Lieutenant Colonel21455 0000.5359
22Colonel22527 0000.5610
23Brigadier23606 0000.58511
24Major General24692 0000.6112
25Lieutenant General25787 0000.63513
26General26889 0000.6614
27Marshal271 000 0000.68515
28Field Marshal
Field Marshal Rank
1 112 2000.7116
Commander Rank
1 255 0000.84116
Generalissimo Rank
1 400 0001.00120


How to get new Ranking?

The Current progress of a player can be evaluated by their current rank. In order to rank up you need to get a certain number of experience points.

There are several ways to get experience points:

  1. destroying enemy tanks;
    • a player receives a share of 15 XP per kill in team battles; 10 XP per kill in DM.
    • In TDM, CTF and CP battles, when an enemy tank is destroyed by several allies then all of them receive 15 XP in total. Each of these kills also gives 50% more crystals to the battle fund. It doesn’t matter who finished the enemy as the score is divided between allies according to how much damage each of them dealt.
  2. healing allies with Isida;
  3. interacting with flags in CTF:
    • capturing the flag;
    • destroying the player that is carrying the flag;
    • returning the flag;
  4. controlling points;
  5. The points you receive for all of the above can further be increased by buying a Score Multiplier Pass.

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